Lawyers Representing Railroad Workers

Railroad workers do a great service for New York State and the United States. Our cities and industries are kept running through their dedication and skills. They work very hard under very tough conditions. Unfortunately the railroads they work for are not always careful, fair, or responsible in the way the work is planned and executed which too often results in the injury of railroad workers.

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Thankfully the Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA) exists to hold railroads responsible for injuries to railroad workers. Under the FELA a railroad worker can seek the full wages lost and also seek money for the pain and suffering experienced during the accident and recovery and for any future and anticipated pain, suffering and lost wages.

Railroad workers are not protected by workers’ compensation. Railroad workers are protected by the FELA which offers, potentially, much more money than other types of workers get through workers’ compensation. Under the FELA railroad workers can file a lawsuit seeking money for their full lost wages and their pain and suffering, which is not available under the workers’ compensation system.

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Unlike workers’ compensation getting paid under the FELA is not automatic, the railroad will try to minimize or deny the money you get. That is where we come in, we have the decades of experience to fight back and get the money you are entitled to.